Our Vision

To Help People Live Biblically-Centered Lives

This helps us become better equipped to Love God and Love People. 

Our Values

  • Bible - centered

    We Believe that the Bible is the inspired, Inerrant Word of God, and the final authority for belief and behavior. Therefore, we place a high emphasis on the relevant teaching of the Bible.

  • people - focused

    We Believe that people are more important than programs. Therefore, we seek to have an attitude and atmosphere of grace and forgiveness, since we all sin and make mistakes. 

  • Future - oriented

    We Believe that God has called us to a glorious future. Therefore, we will respect the past, but not be stuck in it.

  • flexible - minded

    We Believe that, although our mission is eternal, our methods must remain culturally relevant. Therefore, we will be willing to change  our ministry and structure as needs dictate.